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Introduction to Drawing heads

Hey guys! 🙂

So, in light of comments I got since the last article I did, some people have told me they would like to get back into drawing,which is lovely :).

What better way to start than by drawing heads, right?

Hence, for the next 2 to 3 weeks I will be handling this subject, taking notes I made from some YouTube tutorials and Andrew Loomis’ Drawing Of The Head And Hands book. Today will just be an intro to what a human head generally looks like and features you should remember.

Before we start, it’s important to note that the head is comprised of two parts: the cranium , and the jaw. Collectively these two areas make up the skull. Secondly, you cannot draw convincing looking heads unless you know their basic anatomy, which is why I am writing with this post today.

The cranial mass is usually a circle that is flattened at the sides, and is fuller at the back than at the front. You represent this area using a circle (which is challenging to perfect, but oh well)…

Failed attempts


Yaaaay! I finally got it right!

After a few failed attempts (sigh), and successfully drawing the circle, draw an oval inside it. The height of this oval will always remain the same, regardless of where your character is looking, but its width depends on whether your character is looking sideways, up/down, or front view. The oval also happens to be two thirds of circle in height, i.e.

Note the shaded oval.

This oval will be used to divide the cranium into thirds:

1st third: Is about halfway in the oval and meets the rest of the cranium at around the corner of the eyebrow. Extend it to the rest of the cranium and you get the brow line 🙂

The brow line.

The degree of tilt of this line denotes whether the character is facing up, down or straight ahead, hence no need to worry about how to draw a head on extreme angles.

2nd third: At the bottom of the oval, draw a parallel line to the brow line and that’s where your nose bottom is.

The brow line and nose line.

3rd third: The head is equally divided into thirds. Just double the distance between brow line and nose line, go downwards and there’s your chin line.


If you draw a parallel line to the brow line above the oval, you get your hairline. (Seriously, everything starts with brow lines).

If you want to measure these ratios using your face or that of someone else’s (as long as you ain’t creepy), feel free to do so. These proportions are adhered to in real life, no kidding.

Once you get your chin line, you can now draw a line connecting a brow line and chin (this line isn’t vertical, instead it tapers into the chin), then connect it to the oval using jaw lines. usually its about halfway inside the oval. From there, if you want to add a neck at this point, you can.


To find where the front plane of the head is, find the centre point of the chin and draw a line dropping from the centre of the forehead to the centre of the chin (oh my God, so many words describing one line). See illustration below.

Note: this doesn’t denote centre of the circle, just centre of the plane).

From here, now you have all your basics done and you can add the facial feature like nose, lips and ears and BOOM! You, my friend, have created a face (cue sound effects).

Okay, now you may be thinking all these explanations to draw a freaking head may be so freaking technical/scary,. but here they are in summary form:

  1. Draw a circle representing cranium and determine the direction you want your character to face (front, sideways, up, down)
  2. Draw an oval inside the circle and around its midpoint, draw a line that extends to the cranium (brow line)
  3. Draw a parallel line to the brow line at the bottom of the oval (nose line) and if you want to, draw another parallel line above the brow line (hair line).
  4. Double the distance between the brow line and nose line, and below, mark your chin line.
  5. Join the chin line with  the cranium to form the jaw.
  6. Find the front plane of your character’s head by using the centre of the chin and the centre of the forehead as guiding points.
  7. Add all the other features of the face.

So you see, it ain’t so hard! and trust me, once you get the hang of it, drawing faces becomes more and more interesting as you go along.

 Just so you know, I will do a tutorial on drawing cartoon heads (for those of you who are interested), and, cartoons are all about simplifying stuff so it will be much easier.

Did you enjoy this article? do you have any questions or comments? Do letme know! I’m also not very sure if I explained this in a way beginners can understand, so feel free to let me know if you need any clarification.

Until next time, 🙂

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20 Facts on me

Hey guys! 😊

I hope your week has been amazing. Today I want to delve into something different from what I usually post.

The reason I decided to do trivia today was because I thought it might be a good chance to get a sneak peek into me (of course it’s still very good to maintain some level of mystery).

So without further ado, here it is: 20 facts on the person known as Deedee Kui:

1. She was born on the same day as Johnny Cash (February 26), whom she personally considers her eternal twin, and her love for his music runs deep in her. She is currently 25 years old as she writes this.

2. She was raised in a family of 4 sisters and one brother, and she is the second youngest in her family. Her younger sister was born 6 years after her, but lost her eldest sister when she had just turned 12.

3. Her real name is Lydia Wangui, though the last time people called her Lydia was in Primary school. In high school, she went by her surname, and her nickname Deedee was given by a friend she met while in campus, and the name stuck.

4. She has a love for all things film, except horror (because of her overactive imagination, even as a kid). Her favourite films are the Shawshank Redemption, the Breakfast Club and the Lion King (which still makes her sad because of Mufasa, though).

5. Her favourite TV shows are difficult to say, but she’ll have to say Breaking Bad (she thinks it overtakes Game of Thrones), This is Us and Stranger Things.

6. Her favourite music is rock music. Her favourite band though is difficult to decide, but she decided it lies somewhere between Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paramore, Biffy Clyro, Queen, The Rolling Stones (got to love them), Foo Fighters and Guns n’ Roses. Very weird taste, but whatever. She can also listen comfortably to other genres of music (especially Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, ABBA), because she has learnt to appreciate them as she’s grown older.

7. Her favourite musical instrument is the guitar, and she’s been wanting to learn it since she was 8 years old after listening to an amazing band called Jars of Clay, but that wish has not been fulfilled yet. Fingers crossed on her childhood dream coming true within the next 2 years or so. On that note, her favourite guitarists are Slash, Izzy Stradlin (both of Guns n’ Roses), Ed Sheeran and Brian May (Queen).

8. When she was growing up, she didn’t think about being an artist or a writer (mostly because her folks frowned at the idea of a creative career due to financial issues.) She wanted to be a doctor, but it didn’t exactly work out for her.

9. When she finished high school in 2010, she volunteered to work at a bookshop for a year before she went to college to do CPA, which she absolutely hated so she abandoned it as soon as she got her confirmation letter to pursue a degree in environmental science, which she completed last year. The bookshop taught her some things about businesses, and how to operate them.

10. She has a love for things anime and Manga, which started with the original run of Superbook and Pokémon, but later expanded to include other franchises. Her favourite anime so far though, remains to be My Hero Academia because she can relate so much to the protagonist of that story.

11. She loved cartoons growing up, and her love for them has never really died, as opposed to most of her peers who gave up their cartoon love a long time ago. The cartoons that really set her on the path to what she does now was Tom and Jerry (oh man, those days), and Dexter’s Lab (God bless Genndy Tartakovsky).

12. She was a chubby, quiet kid in school, which unfortunately got her at the receiving end of bullies for years until she was about 11 years old. Art and books were her ways of escape, and she got to discover her love for art around this time, which still runs deep today. Because of the bullying though, she struggled with self esteem issues till her high school years (sad, but true).

13. She joined the girl scouts when she was about 10 years old. That was one of the best times of her life, and offered some sort of escape from school and taught her some sense of responsibility. She stayed until when she was transferred to another school when she was 13.

14. My favourite colour is blue. Every time I look at it, it always gives me a sense of peace.

15. She loves travelling, though she hasn’t properly done it for a while now. The reason she loves reading fiction is mostly because of that, it helps her create worlds in her mind, complete with landscapes, people and buildings and all that stuff. She also loves the outdoors and spending time in nature, which is why she loves camping so much.

16. She doesn’t have a favourite dish, but she does love chocolate. She hates flowers though, and her ideal Valentine’s day (which she personally thinks is a silly holiday, no offence) would exclude hallmark cards and flowers and have only chocolates.

17. She is also a writer (stems from her love of reading fiction and watching films), and she thinks it has helped her out in blogging, as well.

18. The first childhood crush she had was on Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Home improvement, anyone?). The Lion king also made her have a huge crush on Matthew Broderick’s voice (sigh), but she eventually got over it and started having a crush on Denzel Washington.

19. Her favourite actor is Robin Williams (RIP), because he literally defined her childhood, as well as Denzel Washington (and it’s not just the crush talking.) Her favourite actresses are Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence.

20. She has a thing for white comedy, because its really subtle and dry (think Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, etc.). On that note, she ain’t a fan of black comedy because she thinks it gets grossly exaggerated, except for a few guys like Eddie Murphy and Kevin Hart. And she does NOT like Madea, just for the record.

So there it is, 20 unknown facts about myself, written in the third person. I think I’ll leave it there for today.

Till next time, Kwaheri 😊.